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Daily Reformer: Frey task force on off-duty police; Bakk-inations; Walz $$$; thoughts on Rogan

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Purifying the Nation: Reformers of the Early Nineteenth Century. Speed Dating Activity. Antebellum Reform period: The years between 18in the.

Embed Size px x x x x Essential Question:To what extent did the Progressive reformers represent a new era in American history? One important aspect of the historical thinking skill of periodization involves the ability to analyze and evaluate models that historians use to organize history into discrete periods. In this activity, you will evaluate various reformers in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era to determine to what extent Progressives mark a significant change from previous reformers.

In this way, you will analyze the historical model of seeing the Progressive Era as a separate period from the Gilded Age. Homework: You have been assigned a reformer. Using the assigned readings, complete the portion of the chart below for your assigned reformer.

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America must find ways for teaching innovation to spread across the country, an education reform advocate said Sunday. Canada was part of a panel convened on a special msnbc TV show to discuss “Waiting for Superman,” a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim. Guggenheim, who also directed “An Inconvenient Truth,” discussed education progress with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in a one-hour live broadcast. Education Nation week continues with a look at how parents in one California community banded together to save teachers’ jobs.

NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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UCLA School of Law hosts event to discuss reformation of criminal justice system

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You will select an Progressive Reformer of the period at the turn of the 20th century. 1. You will become this assigned person for our Speed Dating Activity.

Nell Minow, an American film critic, recently described how in she had interviewed the Friends actor David Schwimmer. When the noise in the restaurant grew too loud, he asked her whether she might like to move to a room upstairs with him, and if so, would she like a chaperone present. She praised him for this behaviour.

But, in the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein allegations, it has become clear that, for many women, safety is starting to trump liberty. We are moving towards a chaperone culture, in which women, delicate lambs that we are, must be protected at all times. A new schism is opening up between men and women.

Portagers get up close and personal with municipal candidates

Panelists, including professors, the new Los Angeles sheriff and activists, suggested solutions for issues such as mass incarceration and racial profiling by law enforcement. Professors, activists and other authorities on criminal justice debated how to best resolve issues within the modern criminal justice system at an event Friday. Panelists analyzed and suggested solutions for issues, such as mass incarceration and racial profiling by law enforcement, at the UCLA School of Law event.

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When Martin Luther traveled, there was usually trouble afoot. He was walking along a road near Stotternheim in when a severe thunderstorm drew out of him the vow to become a monk. Five years later he trekked to Rome on business for his Augustinian order of monks and during that trip began questioning the way the Church was dispensing the grace of God.

Returning home from the conclave at Worms, where he stood his theological ground before Pope and Emperor, friends ”kidnapped” the Reformer and spirited him off to the Wartburg Castle for his own protection. Luther’s travels in the years to come were limited to central Europe, but he would be on the road often, usually to mediate a dispute within the burgeoning Evangelical movement.

The trips sapped the strength of Luther, a compulsive worker who was never in excellent health, and on a journey to meet Protestant princes in Schmalkald in , nine years before his death, he became so gravely ill that he would never fully recover. Luther’s spiritual heirs will be traveling the roads he walked this year, the th anniversary of the Reformer’s birth.

Since most of the key sites of Luther’s life are in the German Democratic Republic, for the last two years church officials and the government have been preparing for the flood of visitors to the Luther sites. Nearly all the tours stop at Eisleben, Luther’s birthplace; Eisenach, where he attended school; Erfurt, where he received his university training before entering the monastery; and Wittenberg, where Luther preached at the Castle Church and developed the 95 proposals that led to the Protestant Reformation.

In West Germany, the tours visit Worms, where Luther, already condemned by the Pope, stood before Emperor Charles V and the papal legate and was asked to retract his writings. Worms has churches dating from the late Middle Ages, but the baroque facade of the Church of the Holy Trinity fronts a surprisingly modern interior. The Luther Monument in Worms is a minipark with a famous statue of the Reformer in a plaza surrounded by statues of Reformation and pre-Reformation figures.

Also in West Germany is Augsburg, where in the Protestant princes and theologians worked out their final confession of faith in the document that remains the standard explanation of Lutheran doctrine. Today the grand Maximilianstrasse, restored since World War II, evokes some of the aura of the medieval city.

Progressive Era

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Next we are going to look at the Protestant Reformation. We will Speed Dating Make sure you have your information to share during your “date”. Break off into.

You may use character sources, but please be sure they are reputable, progressive sites. Part Two: Questions for Your Dates 10 points Write a set of six questions the you will ask all of your dates. These questions should be designed to elicit information about Progressive reforms and items of historical significance. Part Three: You will be handing ideals these out to all of your dates. Character of typed or hand-made and can be any size, though Independence, Kentucky Resolution, pdf small like 2 x 3 or 3 x 5 would be most Louisiana Purchase, Embargo Act progressive.

You could wear parts of a costume pdf, scarf, cooperative moustache, etc. This part is for apush credit, so please try to use homemade or household items. It is not necessary to spend lots for practice or ask your Mom to drive all over the character finding you a Jacob Riis outfit. Part Four: As you date, you will fill out a chart covering all of the reformers and their reforms. Pdf for Project: This project is a cooperative grade, so please take it seriously and go above and beyond! Please wait until roles have been assigned in class to begin researching!

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